Strategy + Implementation = WTWS

WTWS is Paul Stevenson’s independent marketing consultancy, with no ties to any particular marketing discipline. This means his advice is impartial and you simply get the best marketing solutions for your business.

Not only does Paul offer valuable strategic planning and advice but also he takes responsibility for the successful implementation of the agreed strategy – a rare distinction amongst marketing consultancies.

Flexibility is key to Paul’s approach, so the right solution is tailor made to your challenge, your culture and your ideal working relationship. That is why WTWS Services are available in two broad areas: Strategic Marketing Consultancy and Non-Executive Marketing Directorship.

Often clients have internal marketing resources but senior Marketing Director support is missing or specialist marketing knowledge is not represented on the board. Paul provides that knowledge and guidance, giving strategic direction to the business and directing internal resources to drive the agreed marketing strategy forward.

With regular reviews of the service agreement, adaptability and response are built into the plan so that measurable results will themselves guide project duration, intensity and focus. Above all, with finance top of the agenda, Paul will deliver the leadership you seek to seize market opportunity and to shape future growth for the business, with the accountability and objectivity you can expect from a first-class professional service provider.

How Strategy and Implementation Fit Together

Diagram shwoing how Strategy and Implementation Fit Together

Strategic thinking is where it all begins, and a successful plan takes time. Typically, we expect to devote around three months to this phase.

Once you have a good plan, implementing it thoroughly and skilfully is essential to make it work. This is when Paul rolls up his sleeves, jumps in and puts the plan into action, working within your organisation or outside of it.

He will be responsible for implementing the strategy and will work with other internal functions and teams or external specialists as required. Paul can bring experience and leadership to an existing marketing team, growing future skills and mentoring talent and initiative, while championing the customer in boardroom discussions and strengthening inter-departmental communication.

How WTWS can work with you

Strategic Marketing Consultancy:

Invite Paul to research, develop and create your marketing strategy, whatever your business objectives. By applying knowledge gained from his career at the cutting edge of marketing, with world-leading brands, Paul will bring game-changing insight and innovation to drive profitability.

Your cohesive marketing strategy will define what needs to be done to deliver your business ambitions and improve business performance. Based upon solid research, critical analysis and a clear rationale, the strategy provides clarity of purpose and a clear vision for the future.

Unlike typical consultants, we commit to seeing it through. Paul’s consultancy service extends seamlessly from strategy into implementation with leadership and direction at the right level to drive performance and growth.

Non-Executive Marketing Directorship:

Joining your senior team in a non-executive role gives Paul the opportunity to steer and oversee the implementation of your mature strategic plans, for a fraction of the cost of an experienced full-time senior appointment.

Paul’s non-executive leadership is ideally suited to well-established firms looking to strengthen competitive advantage, seeking experienced insight with impartiality and freedom from the distraction of everyday business activity and internal politics.

From this position, Paul can represent the brand, mentor key staff, champion the customer, monitor results and engage in progress with fresh eyes to ensure that plans remain on track and profitability is maximised.

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Any Questions?

No matter what kind of business you are, if you want to make more profit, achieve greater revenues, move into a new market or go overseas, take advantage of a new opportunity or solve a problem, please get in touch with Paul Stevenson. You’ll be glad you did.