Market research


Market research is the vital early step in the journey towards the development of an overall marketing strategy. It’s all about gaining understanding and insight, whether into your customers, competitors or markets, furnishing you with the key information that will underpin any successful marketing strategy.

Market research takes two broad forms – Primary Research and Secondary Research, and these can be undertaken qualitatively or quantitatively in a variety of ways depending on the needs, and often budgets, of the organisation.

Primary Research

This can include methods such as market sizing and segmentation, face-to-face consumer research, telephone surveys, focus groups, mystery shopping and more. In effect, by conducting the research activity ourselves, we maintain control over the research process and generate your own raw quantitative data and/or qualitative conclusions. And we can specifically focus on the questions you need answering.

Secondary Research

Paul Stevenson will look at research already in existence, getting behind those figures and trends and interpreting the information to extract the facts and sift out the intelligence that will help to shape and inform your marketing strategy.

Whatever your budget or specific requirements, the findings of this research will undoubtedly help get to the heart of what it is your customers need and want.