Marketing consultancy

As an independent marketing consultancy, WTWS provides truly unbiased best advice founded on solid research and experience. We exist to make – and be judged by – improvements to your bottom line and the right marketing strategy is key to this.

A marketing strategy reflects and supports your business ambition. Thereafter, that strategy is implemented by selecting and integrating a mix of the most appropriate communication channels, whether that is a new website, sales brochure, social media campaign, PR or outdoor advertising.

We will start by gaining a full understanding of your needs and why you are talking with Wall To Wall Sunshine. We will undertake a strategic review of your company history, structure, offerings, capabilities and ambitions. Then, we will identify your current position within your marketplace, who your customers are and those unique selling points that give you a competitive advantage over your peers. This leads us onto a review of the effectiveness of your current marketing activities and associated spend.

Once this thorough analysis is complete, we will work with you to define a marketing strategy that will define your business objectives; this strategy will then be developed into a marketing plan that enables you and your team to reach out to your customers via the most effective means.
Unlike most marketing consultancies, we do not simply leave you with this document, shake your hand and wish you all the best! Our marketing consultancy model is different.

After we have an agreed plan, we will then work with you and your team on implementation; some of the agreed activities you might wish to carry out internally, with our guidance; other activities we will manage on your behalf, utilising our network of trusted partners and suppliers developed over our 20 years working as a marketing consultancy.

The effectiveness of our advice will be based on the achievement of your goals; we are a grown-up company and everything we do is open to scrutiny. We will meet with you regularly to discuss progress, review activities and refine the plan if and when internal or external factors make it necessary.

Your marketing needs might be short-term, for example, maternity cover, or long-term sickness cover; equally you might be looking for a long-term partner. Either way, Wall To Wall Sunshine is a flexible marketing consultancy and will adapt to your requirements. Take a look at some of our case studies and you will see the wide variety of clients with whom we have worked.

And we look forward to working with you!

Wall To Wall Solutions

Knowledge is understanding

Any successful marketing strategy is underpinned by research. Whatever the size of your budget or specific requirements via primary and/or secondary research, we will provide you with the information that will help you diagnose precisely what your customers want. By interpreting the data and making the most of powerful research we make strategic decisions based on fact.

Setting the direction

We help you to take a step back from your daily routine and develop a marketing strategy that perfectly aligns with your business goals. Whether you’re launching a new product or are entering a new market or even just looking to grow, we have the vision and experience to formulate the strategy that will point you in the right direction.

Turning words into action

Agreeing the strategy is just the start of the journey. We work with and project manage a trusted network of resources, partners with unique skill sets, to implement the activities selected from the market plan(s). Adopting an unbiased and discipline-neutral approach, we ensure the best strategic solution by selecting the partners that we believe best fit our client’s requirements.

Measure and Refine

The best and most successful marketing strategies are organic. Most markets are developing so rapidly that responsiveness and the ability to adapt are critical growth skills. We constantly measure our results and then refine our approach accordingly to maximise the return on your marketing investment. Providing a solution that is always agile, responsive and forward looking.