Frequently Asked Questions

We recognise that the decision to engage a strategic marketing consultant is not one you will take lightly. So, in anticipation of some of the questions you may want to consider, please see some common queries answered below.

  • What size of company does Paul work with?

    Paul will treat every enquiry with great interest and on its own merits, but usually businesses with a £multi-million turnover and ambitious growth aspirations.

  • We’re looking to export/expand into European and other global markets, can you help?

    Yes, very much so. Paul’s 15 years of international experience, living and working abroad, helping large global businesses like Coca-Cola and Gillette across multiple international territories, gives him the necessary expertise to help you in overseas markets.

  • We are a business that’s concerned with its impact on the environment and behaving in an ethical way, are you able to work in line with our ethical and environmental values?

    Paul would welcome it because he conducts his own business in a strong, ethical way, and is committed to working with companies that have a genuine sense of morality, ethics, community environment, corporate and social responsibility. He believes that businesses that behave responsibly usually have a more purpose driven workforce, have strong reinvestment policies, achieve more growth, and healthier profits.

  • Does Paul do everything himself?

    Yes and no. Yes, Paul will do all the strategic thinking, though he might bring in some extra support for Market Research if required, and when Paul implements an agreed strategy, he may recruit experts in a particular area when appropriate. This is especially the case when the strategy crosses over with other departments, for example Human Resources Dept. for customer service training, or the Sales Dept. when enhancing sales conversion rates.

  • We work in a competitive and sensitive industry, is it possible Paul might also work for a direct competitor?

    No. Paul only works for one retained client in any industry, and respect for confidentiality is a primary concern for Paul.

  • Does Paul specialise in certain markets?

    No, Paul has experience across a broad range of markets in various countries and brings all of this knowledge to every client. In a similar way that a well-rounded Finance Director or Human Resources Director can bring their skill sets to any business. Marketing and Strategy at a senior level works across markets and each often benefits from cross-industry insights. Even B2B and B2C markets can benefit greatly from activities that each other have relied upon over many years.

More Questions?

Paul Stevenson provides specialist marketing knowledge in tandem with broad business sector experience and commercial acumen. His independent and impartial advice and directorship ensures business critical objectives are achieved which in turn will provide the best return on your investment.