Professional services

Our client, one of the largest brands in the world, had recently acquired several new products from a competitor and needed to announce their integration into an existing suite of products and to manage their rebranding appropriately.

WTWS was tasked with communicating this rebrand and building engagement with a range of audiences. Experience told us that each group would need slightly different versions of the core message, in order to capture sufficient attention to embrace the story and respond positively.

We examined how the products would be developed in the first 12 months and the benefits this would bring to end users. This allowed us to build messages based upon tangible changes rather than one based upon a simple name change.

To rise above media noise, we developed a highly personalised communications campaign based around Personalised URLs (PURLs) – effectively one-off websites. To drive traffic to the sites, we sent three phases of visually striking direct mail and email, each individually personalised, taking into account their relationship with the brand.

At each stage we could track how individuals reacted to communications, enabling us to adjust our messages accordingly.

While an average direct marketing campaign will generate a 0.5% – 2% response, exceptional response levels were achieved by this approach. Almost 40% of the target audience visited their personalised site and responded in the way the client desired.


  • Provide a marketing strategy
  • Cross-channel product rebrand
  • Campaign integration with
  • Supplier selection and management


  • Workshops with client to fully understand the business
  • Extensive market research to identify target groups
  • Marketing strategy document
  • Lead generation campaigns – personalised URLS (PURLS) coordinated with
  • Video production


  • Increased level of customer engagement
  • 40% of target audience visited their PURL
  • Improved customer data – 15% of prospects provided new or updated contact data
  • Project delivered on time and 10% under budget