Client case study: Professional services organisation, strategic marketing consultancy, marketing management & implementation

  • Outsourced senior marketing team
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Marketing programme delivery and measurement


The organisation’s senior management team had set a strategic goal to challenge the ‘tier one’ players in their market. However, they recognised that the strategic marketing and marketing management expertise was not available in-house. And, in common with many organisations today, they didn’t have the spare time to make this step change happen.

Hiring an experienced, professional services marketing team was an option but budgets would not allow this and in the medium term such a weighty team would not be required.

With these challenging requirements, the senior partners turned to WTWS to create an outsourced marketing team that would address two key issues:

  • Develop a marketing vision and strategy that would deliver the long term business plan
  • Manage the practical implementation of the marketing strategy over the coming years


Our Role

  • Marketing strategy development
  • Marketing communications programme delivery
  • Marketing programme measurement

Techniques Used

  • Market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Brand values definition
  • Website design and build
  • Email marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Press advertising
  • Public Relations (PR)

As part of the initial information gathering and market research, a comprehensive competitor analysis was carried out to evaluate the competition’s service offering, targeting, positioning, marketing communications strategies and messaging. In addition, staff at all levels within the organisation were interviewed to get a clear perspective from the front line as to how and why clients engage with the business. This was combined with client feedback as part of a proposition identification process.

As part of the brand development we initiated and led a values definition programme alongside the senior management and HR teams. These values are now used to inform all external and internal communications and are being used by HR in recruitment, assessment and training. They have also been used in the refurbishment of the offices, as all touch points must be on brand.

To enhance targeting and return on investment we worked with the finance and HR teams to assess the most profitable types of work and capacity within teams.

The WTWS team functioned as an in-house marketing department working shoulder to shoulder with staff across the organisation. This approach ensured people throughout the business bought in to the process, the marketing strategy that evolved and the targeted outcomes. We also worked with existing marketing suppliers to ensure they were fully briefed and supported and therefore felt part of the developments.

Targeting, messaging and value proposition have been refined so that there is now a clearly differentiated brand being effectively communicated to a well-defined target market. As a result, advertising is now more impactful, media selection is more effective and PR results are improved. This shift in market position is underpinned by an elegant, cutting edge, contemporary website that underpins the high quality, client focused service offering.


The marketing programme is on-going and has delivered significant business benefits including –

  • Winning higher value, more desirable business
  • Additional effective recruitment and assessment tools
  • Meeting growth objectives for the year to date
  • Winning new clients and business in the newly target markets
  • Improved staff engagement
  • Improved marketing supplier selection, performance and value
  • Greater confidence from the senior management team that marketing ‘is working’

The move to a more focused, planned, outcome driven marketing approach means the organisation now has complete clarity around their brand, their service offering, their target market and total confidence in their ability to deliver on the promises being made to clients and prospects.