Digital recruitment

The client is aligned with of one of the largest traditional recruitment companies in the world. The Company was created to capitalise on digital technology which can facilitate the placement of temporary staff directly through a mobile application on smartphones.

WTWS was engaged to create a marketing strategy in the first instance and subsequently to look specifically at lead generation, both in terms of employers of temporary staff and candidates to fulfil the required roles.

Through workshops with the stakeholders of the company, we acquired a full understanding of the financial, cultural and operational framework of the business and their ambitions for the future. This exercise revealed targets for profitability and generated valuable data which informed our strategic planning.

Alongside our internal workshops, we conducted independent research into the competitive landscape. From this, WTWS provided a full marketing strategy document. From the analysis undertaken we were able to identify which market segments would provide the greatest opportunity for volume lead generation. Activity was therefore prioritised towards these segments to support the growth required.

Since the service is mobile based, traditional marketing channels were heavily supported by social media activity, a measure which amplified the voice of the brand and built valuable engagement in the prioritised segments.


  • Provide a marketing strategy to maximise effectiveness of available budget
  • Define and expand customer base
  • Define and engage additional temporary employee database
  • Create differentiation from competitors


  • Workshops with client to fully understand the business
  • Market research and competitor analysis
  • Marketing strategy document
  • Lead generation campaigns – online and social media
  • Customer segmentation to prioritise business acquisition


  • Increased level of customer/employer engagement
  • Increased database of registered temporary staff
  • Increased level of new sales leads and new business acquisition
  • Development of a supporting marketing structure for internal sales teams