FMCG – Food

At the time we met, the client had recently acquired a chain of retail bakery outlets which had experienced falling sales. These needed to be addressed quickly and budgets for resolving the difficulty were limited. WTWS were engaged to create a marketing strategy specifically designed to engineer business growth.

We embarked upon a micro analysis of the business profitability encompassing individual product line sales down to individual retail store level. Thereafter we launched multiple micro promotional campaigns to analyse market perception and buying patterns. Each of these campaigns drove revenue and therefore was cost neutral to the client.

Analysis of those results and further market research in turn led to a variety of positive outcomes for the client: the formation of a new brand proposition; a re-brand of the corporate identity including design lay-out of the retail stores; a clear market positioning; and delivery of a marketing strategy to drive business growth.

The business has grown year on year and has now launched a national franchise model to expand beyond the South West of the United Kingdom. Additionally, as a further step in market development, a sub-brand has been launched that provides restaurant facilities in two major hospitals.


  • Provide a marketing strategy to re-invigorate the business
  • Brand re-fresh aligned to new brand proposition
  • Business growth and revenue generation


  • Workshops with client to fully understand the business
  • Market research, micro business analytics, regional/product line/store type
  • Multiple marketing trials – measure/refine
  • Comprehensive Marketing strategy document
  • Customer segmentation to prioritise business acquisition


  • Brand re-design and clear market positioning
  • New corporate identity carried through to re-design of retail stores
  • Increased revenue year on year
  • Development of sub-brand for hospital restaurants and national franchise model