A local firm of solicitors was a client for five years, their successful market positioning putting them in the sights of a major national firm for acquisition.

Initially, our objectives were to differentiate the firm from their competitors and to establish cultural identity, in a sector in which market differentiation can be challenging.

We correlated tiers of legal service with a sporting metaphor, enabling the firm to champion a position in the market that they could claim, setting them apart both from larger operations that focus less on serving smaller clients and similar competitors who lacked a clear market positioning of their own.

Working closely with the Board, meeting quarterly, we led the strategic dialogue, delivered a full traditional and digital service, orchestrating a cultural change in the process. This required sensitive leadership to align diverse agendas amongst partners and consolidate commitment to the vision. We also facilitated internal adoption of campaign messages with light-hearted applications.

Gradually, we re-positioned the firm for premium personal service. Simplification of messaging was key to establishing the identity of a boutique firm carving out its own place and relating to clients who shared the same distinction.

When the merger became possible, it was received as a highly positive result for the firm, both financially and in bringing new opportunities to staff for international assignments, while elevating the firm’s offer in the local market.


  • Create positive differentiation in a highly competitive marketplace
  • Achieve market dominance in specific sectors – in this case agriculture was seen as major opportunity
  • Provide a marketing strategy with an aligned marketing plan to maximise effectiveness of available budget


  • Workshops with client to fully understand the business
  • Extensive market research and competitor analysis
  • Marketing strategy document
  • Re-design of marketing messages and collateral
  • Training of internal resources
  • Website re-design
  • New logo
  • Media buying and advertisement re-design


  • Increased level of consumer engagement
  • Increased year on year revenue over a five year period
  • Structured marketing expenditure with defined objectives and evaluation criteria