International retail

As part of their ambitious growth and retail market entry strategy, our client had taken on the distribution rights for a range of third party manufactured products. This approach had been effective in generating initial revenue growth but had not given our client brand recognition for their own manufactured products and left them vulnerable to suppliers’ product line and pricing changes.

With modest brand awareness, our client was also not in a position to gain the attention and respect of the major high street and international retailers who would be critical to their long-term success.

Developing a marketing strategy to drive their own product sales and build their own brand ranges was vital but, with in-house resources stretched, there was little focus on this vital function. The consequence being that essential implementation was prioritised and strategic planning about the future did not get the time and attention it required.

WTWS was engaged to provide an outsourced marketing services team with end-to-end responsibility for the marketing strategy, programme delivery and ultimately, the ROI. This approach gave our client the breadth and depth of skills to define and deliver the marketing strategy with the flexibility to vary the skills, scale and cost base of their marketing support as the programme developed.

Early in the planning phase it was clear success would be reliant on effective partnerships with the major retail multiples: To this end a retail channel strategy was defined, aligning engagement and ‘push’ marketing plans (direct marketing, email marketing, trade advertising and public relations) to address the specific requirements of select retail/trade partners.

To drive product awareness and consumer demand, a comprehensive ‘pull’ marketing programme was also created. Product lines were segmented and consumers targeted by gender and age group. Highly engaging integrated marketing campaigns targeted purchasers, influencers and decision makers through branding, revised packaging, TV advertising and online. Using thoroughly aligned push and pull strategies provided a holistic and effective approach for this client.

Over the four years of the programme to date, our client has consistently exceeded their revenue and margin goals with substantial, double-digit growth year on year. Now selling products into many countries, their business performance is an enviable achievement especially in an economy depressed by an extended period of recession.

As revenues and profits have grown, so our client has been able to recruit. We are now assisting them with setting objectives, agreeing core deliverables and training, to create and develop their in-house marketing team.



  • Provide a multiple channel marketing strategy for retail
  • Launch and promote own brand consumer ranges
  • Business growth and revenue generation
  • Raise corporate brand awareness and reputation


  • Workshops with client to fully understand the business
  • Market research
  • Brand portfolio development
  • Comprehensive marketing strategy across multiple channels


  • Brand definition clear market positioning
  • Launch of own brand products
  • Double-digit growth year on year revenue year on year
  • Recruitment, training and mentoring of internal marketing team