International Retail

The client is a manufacturer and retailer of hand crafted wooden animals, predominantly within the UK but with distributors internationally. As with many smaller enterprises the business has grown through the efforts of the owners and now employs over 200 people. WTWS was engaged to create a marketing strategy in the first instance and subsequently to specifically look at lead generation both online and through distribution to physical retail outlets. A key focus was to ensure consumers were aware of the quality of their product and to emphasise differentiation from cheap imitations.

Through workshops with the stakeholders of the business we acquired a full understanding of the business and their ambitions for the future. Coupled with independent research into the competitive landscape, WTWS provided a full marketing strategy document which supported growth through greater distribution within the UK, expansion into new markets overseas and development of specific partnership channels online: Part of that process was to clearly define the true cost of business development that had been undertaken in the past and create clear objectives and budget constraints for activity in the future.


  • Provide a marketing strategy to maximise effectiveness of available budget
  • Define and expand customer base
  • Define and engage additional online retail partners
  • Create differentiation from cheaper imitation products


  • Workshops with client to fully understand the business
  • Extensive market research and competitor analysis
  • Marketing strategy document
  • online and physical retail outlets

  • Trade show incentives


  • Increased level of consumer engagement
  • New retail outlet stockists
  • Increased level of sales leads
  • Support for sales initiatives into the US and Europe