Marketing campaign and project management

Whether your project is a digital campaign, a direct mail campaign designed for lead generation or a website build, our management skills can supplement your internal resources to ensure the safe delivery of your project.

Business growth is always welcome but during that process your internal resources are frequently stretched both in terms of time and experience. Concentration on building the core business can mean that those resources simply cannot cope or perhaps are not experienced enough to deal with additional initiatives that need close supervision, monitoring and control.

WTWS is a marketing consultancy that provides the experienced additional resource to ensure the safe delivery of specific campaigns or marketing projects on your behalf. Our campaign and project management skills have been honed over the past 20 years and we fully understand how to manage and deliver complex marketing projects across all of the various marketing disciplines.

For example we have managed the delivery of four new websites within the last 12 months whilst an internal marketer may create a new website for a brand just once in 4 years. That experience is invaluable and helps streamline processes, foresee likely pitfalls, appoint and manage each constituent supplier required in the process and ensures milestones are clearly identified within an agreed timeline.

Project management

WTWS have a proven methodology based on PRINCE2 principles, which has been successful for many projects and campaigns over two decades.Firstly, we ensure our clients understand we are project managing on their behalf and as such we are a temporary addition to their management team for the duration of the project. We will appoint and manage all external agencies and suppliers required in the process leaving the client free to concentrate on their core business. However, we also ensure there are regular meetings to keep our clients updated with progress reports so that they are fully aware of where we are in the process but not involved in the day to day detail.Secondly, we ensure we have interpreted the Brief correctly, defined and interrogated the supporting rationale and agreed what is the expected outcome, in what timescale and confirm the agreed budget. This is then translated into a Scoping document, re-affirming the above information, detailing exactly what will be included within the project budget, defining roles and responsibilities, project timeline and reporting stages.

Project scoping

The Scoping document is the blueprint for the project and once agreed must be signed off by both WTWS and all stakeholders within the clients’ Company. In addition the document defines the roles of any third party suppliers whom we will select, appoint and manage.

Following sign-off we will appoint the required suppliers to complete the project, fully briefing each supplier on their roles, responsibilities and timeframes for delivery of each of their deliverables. We ensure that each supplier is aware of where there is dependency on one party completing their work before another can start to reduce the risk of bottlenecks or delays. WTWS have established relationships with tried and trusted suppliers across all marketing disciplines but will work with your existing suppliers if that is your preferred choice.

Project Delivery

Once this groundwork is complete we fully manage the project through to completion, breaking down the process into stages in order to track progress. We manage each supplier to ensure they deliver each component part on time, closely monitoring progress and with regular collective meetings to ensure the project maintains momentum.

A key part of this process is the lessons we have learned from previous campaigns, both in dealing with suppliers and indeed clients. Our role is to deliver the project as defined within the Scoping Document which on occasion may mean being as disciplined with a client as a supplier. Time can be lost through delays in signing off stages of the project or from “project creep” where additional activity or amendments to the original document are requested. All of this is managed and addressed through regular face to face meetings.

Project measurement and reporting

On completion of the project WTWS provides a full and frank review and analysis report, highlighting any areas of concern and information that could be useful for future projects.