There aren’t many markets you can enter these days without having a few competitors already active in that space.  So how do you differentiate your product or service in a competitive market?

One market that seems to never tire of differentiation is chocolate.  Several years ago we had the rise of ‘healthy’ and ‘luxury’ chocolate and we all rushed out to buy organic chocolate and bars with a high percentage of cocoa.  As a big chocolate fan I was interested to how the market would evolve after the introduction of this top tier of chocolate brands.

However, the market continues to introduce new concepts and as a marketer I can’t help but be impressed by the determination so many brands continue to show in beating their competition.  Here are a few examples of my favourites;

  • Merging products – There’s a great new range from Cadburys combining chocolate and some age-old favourite sweets such as popping candy and jelly beans
  • Creating an experience–  I’ve recently discovered a great product from Green & Blacks: After-dinner-sized chocolates, each with a question inside the wrapper ensuring conversation never runs dry
  • Change shape – Cadburys have recently changed the shape of their Dairy Milk bar.  You could argue this isn’t a ground-breaking change but we’re talking about it and getting them column inches

Differentiating your product or service is unlikely to be as simple as introducing popping candy but it’s the type of challenge we relish and have done successfully for many clients over the years.  Get in touch to find out how we can help you. Call us on 01392 877 855 or email