We British are known for being reserved. Around the world we are seen as a nation of polite, refined, tea drinkers who like nothing more than searching for an opportunity to form orderly queues with complete strangers. It is thought that the most animated we get is when arriving at the end of a queue with another person and we each insist that the other should go first.

OK, so it’s a massive generalisation…but there is some truth. I visited a local pub over the weekend (purely in the name of market research). It’s a pub I have walked past on more than a few occasions on my way to another pub where I normally conduct my research. I was pleasantly surprised.

  • A great selection of ales, ciders, spirits, wines and snacks…check. (Yeah, there was probably lager too)
  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff who felt that talking to colleagues was something to do after serving customers…check.
  • The pleasant hum of polite conversation…check.

My wife and I were so impressed that we decided to enquire about their menu. My brother-in-law is visiting next week and we wanted to take him out. The barman enthusiastically reeled off a long list of their typical dishes before warning my wife that she would be well advised to book. “It’s OK. We want to come on Tuesday.” replied my wife. Upon hearing the barman’s response I almost spilt my market research. “Trust me, it doesn’t matter what night you want to come. We serve the best pub food in the country! You will not want to risk it I promise. Actually, I’d really like you to join us so why don’t we book you in now?”

His message was delivered with nothing but complete and utter belief. It was so refreshing, and so un-British, to hear someone who was so absolutely convinced by their offering that they were not afraid to shout about it (almost literally in his case). If your company has a great offering then you have to be prepared to shout about it. Because, if you don’t show that you really believe then why would anyone else?

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