Paul Stevenson brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his consultancy service, with first class credentials and broad sector variety in his portfolio.

With a career spanning 25 years in marketing, Paul has advised and managed clients of the calibre of Nestle, Gillette, Coca Cola, General Motors and Nintendo. He has been Managing Director of McCann in St. Petersburg Russia, one of the worlds’s largest international advertising agencies, as well as Head of Central Communications for 20 countries based out of Germany.

For the last ten years Paul ran his own successful strategic marketing agency in the UK, Wall To Wall Sunshine, serving over fifty clients during that time in senior and boardroom positions. Having worked both as a client and on the agency side, Paul shares the invaluable advantage of understanding both perspectives.

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WTWS is now the natural evolution of Paul Stevenson’s career as a strategic marketing consultant. He now works directly with his clients, with no one between him and you.

Paul has achieved business and revenue growth across a number of sectors: financial, retail, manufacturing, tourism and leisure, construction, food and drink, legal, FMCG and education amongst others; and across consumer, B2B and charity or third sector markets. Such is the breadth of his experience, Paul offers relevant knowledge that can be applied directly to the advantage of your business and to achieving your objectives.

WTWS is based in the South West but works throughout the UK and overseas. Having lived and worked in Russia, Germany, Australia and the USA, with clients in many other countries too, Paul is always keen to draw upon his international experience to help businesses export and expand overseas.

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No matter what kind of business you are, if you want to make more profit, achieve greater revenues, move into a new market or go overseas, take advantage of a new opportunity or solve a problem, please get in touch with Paul Stevenson. You’ll be glad you did.